Material Handling – Bringing Production to the point

“Material handling technology is at the forefront of conceiving, planning, design and carrying through with the building and installation of any machinery for the purpose of moving bulk cargo (pallets, piping, crates, boxes et.) or raw materials (sand, gravel, oar, grains etc.)” – Wikipedia.

No more, no less! With us you will have everything under control.

Pictured is a Column Swing Crane with a 6,3 ton load capacity, a height of 7,5 meters and a reach of 9,0 meters and is designed to be outdoors all year. It has the task of removing floating debris / trash from the Rhein River, caught in a strainer, before entering a waterworks facility. The complete crane including its multi-jaw grabber, with a capacity of 0,5 cubic meters, is radio controlled, comfortably, safely and with a good view from the encircling operator’s platform.

No matter what type of cargo or materials you need to transport – we’re your partner.

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