40 Years of Customer Service

Your Competent Partner
Since 1977, Heinzel Fördertechnik GmbH has been your competent partner in the construction of Overhead Cranes, Automatic / Semi-Automatic Cranes, Crane runways, Multi Jaw Grabbers, Lifting Devices, Steel Frameworks and many different Special Ordered Systems for regional and international engaged businesses. Especially with power plants and production firm, we have been able to realize many projects, working together with the customer to find solutions to their sometimes complex situations. Special request like cranes for highly complex waste disposal operations or customers with other specific design request were achieved.

Our Customer Oriented Project Portfolio
We offer to our customers, beginning with competent advice, highly complex and detailed schematics, high quality construction, installation, employ training and finally to commissioning by our industry certified crane inspector. Further we provide future required service and inspections in complete compliance with articles DGUV 52 / 54 and DGUV 100 – 500 for the material handling by cranes, lifting devices and special constructions.

Your Advantage
Our strength is the personalized consultation, the long years of experience in special machine construction, the structure and the complete know-how of our engineers to provide a cost effective solution to our customer’s needs. We start, where other manufactures of standard equipment have to stop.
Our portfolio includes a large variety of crane systems from Overhead Cranes in every variation, Universal Cranes, Process Cranes, Crane runways, Monorail Systems, Wall mounted Swing Jibs, Column / Pillar mounted Slew Cranes, Portal / Gantry Cranes to light weight, Travel Chain and Rope Hoist etc.. Lifting systems to match your individual wishes and needs or systems from us with the highest quality and most cost effective solution. With various control possibilities like suspended pendant, radio control or joystick command transmitter. Also special construction in the steel and auxiliary help devices for these cranes.

Our Certification
Independent auditors have verified the knowledge of our well qualified specialized employees, quality processing and understanding of safety matters. The certifying of regulations ISO 9001, the BGHM quality seal and the permission of DIN EN 1090 verify this statement. We further possess a suitability confirmation, regulation KTA 1401 for construction and welding for Nuclear Power Stations. We are also certified for the inspection of personal protection equipment against falling.

Our Solutions for Load Handling Devices for You
We offer specific solutions like multi jaw grabbers, power lift magnets, chain hangers, rope hangers, traverse, plus diverse attachments and accessories of every kind. Special construction like spreaders, bottom hook block, cargo hook, load hooks etc. are also not a problem.

Our Service
Maintenance and overhauls are performed with original parts and equipment by our constantly trained technical service personnel insure the maximum availability of your system. If need be, we stand ready with our complete service group, quickly and simply prepared to solve any issues you may have to shorten down-time. This service not only includes our own brand of products but also systems from other brands which are operated by our customers. Expansion, remodel, dismantling projects are also no problem and will be quickly performed.

The Partnership
Our goal is a long term and sustainable partnership in which the customers’ expectations are exceeded!